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TecsPak® has been used in applications in a very wide variety of industries, each with their own requirements and milestones for acceptability. We have been successful in not only meeting, but exceeding these milestones. Listed below is a summary of some typical performance longevity you can expect with TecsPak®. These milestones include industries span a diverse selection of our capabilities. The milestones showcase rebound bumpers in automotive shocks, auxiliary spring on vocational trucks such as cement mixers and heavy mining trucks with payloads in excess of 240 tons.

Product Application Performance Criteria Performance Achieved
Mining Struts 10,000 hours 20,000 + hours
Auxiliary Springs 3 years or 36K miles 5+ mil units w/o failure
Automotive Struts 1 million cycles
1 hertz minimum
10+ mil units w/o failure
Class 8 Truck Shocks 1 mil cycles @ +225 F 100,000 + units w/o failure