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Miner Enterprises was founded in 1894 after W.H. Miner developed a revolutionary draft gear for cushioning the impact between rail cars. As a division of Miner Enterprises, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation carries onward the innovative technical tradition established by W.H. Miner. MEPC® was formed in 1985 to develop and implement unique applications for TecsPak®, Miner’s revolutionary shock absorbing material totally different from anything else available today. Patented TecsPak® is an acronym for:

Thermoplastic Elastomer Compression Spring Package

TecsPak® equipped products have been proven to far outlast comparable products made of rubber, urethane, or steel – and can operate under an extremely wide temperature range. TecsPak® is relatively inert and resists exposure to dust, oils, hydraulic fluids, and gasoline. With TecsPak®, you are assured of improved performance and productivity. Let our design engineers demonstrate how TecsPak® will work for your applications.

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