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The data tabulated in the PDF Download below summarize the effects of a broad variety of fluids on TecsPak polyester elastomers. As a general rule the resistance of TecsPak elastomers to fluids and chemicals increases as the polymer hardness increases. Unless otherwise noted the
ratings shown in the table apply to all hardness grades.

Rating Key:

A – Fluid has little or no effect
B – Fluid has minor to moderate effect
C – Fluid has severe effect
T – No data – likely to have minor effect
X – no data – likely to have severe effect

Ratings are at 72°F [22°C] unless otherwise specified. Concentrations of aqueous solutions are saturated.  Except where noted.

We emphasize that the data contained herein should be used as a guide only. The tabulation is based primarily on laboratory test but
does not take into account all variables that can be encountered in actual use. Therefore it is advisable to test the material under actual
service conditions before specification. If this is not practical, tests should be devised that simulate service conditions as closely as

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